Improving from within...

 Imagine a school culture based on using a continuous process where teachers and leaders work together applying real-time faculty voice with agency to improve teaching and learning.  Activating School Culture through (i) Definition, (ii) Continuous Measurement, (iii) Collective Improvement.

Activating the Improvement Power of Culture in Schools

Use research and experiences from nationally renowned educational leaders to help schools create school cultures to support teachers so they grow, develop, and stay in the classroom. 

Bring clarity and definition through 10 core school culture drivers amplified by 48 Indicators that define a healthy school culture so teachers and leaders can have focused conversations to activate improvement.

Support schools in facilitating continuous teacher voice and agency through the use of the MyVoice digital platform where teachers provide shared input using the ratings on School Culture Indicators to monitor the progress in each of the School Culture Drivers.

Help teachers and leaders understand and improve their school culture together using real-time formative data that are continuously collected, shared, and analyzed using MyVoice.

Assist leaders and teachers in harnessing the professional expertise in their schools to improve and build capacity.